"Conditioning your mind is just as important as conditioning your body. Building mindful muscle is
key to enhancing overall performance and mental wellness. "

Kerri Bicskei

Hi! I'm Kerri and I'm SO happy you're here. I help athletes and high performing people, like YOU, identify the habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Throughout my career as a Division 1 and professional volleyball player, I can remember feeling stuck mentally, physically and emotionally and not knowing what steps to take to improve my mental and physical performance.

"When you're a high performer, it's hard to ask for help. SO hard."

Being a high performing person you know that stress and anxiety are a part of the game, BUT when your stress and anxiety lead to MORE stress and anxiety it can feel overwhelming. Am I right?

The good news? I've got you!

I've experienced how mindfulness and mental performance techniques have  transformed my overall performance and I want to share how digestible and awesome Ready Set Mindful’s approach can be for you too.



  • College athletes are less likely to report mental health concerns than their non-athlete peers.

We are in the midst of a true mental health crisis. Depression, anxiety and overwhelming stress are very common in athletes, but these issues are not often addressed due to stigma, shame and the ‘grind it out’ mentality. According to research from the NCAA Sport and Science Institute, 33% of all college students experience significant symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions. Among that group, 30% of individuals seek help. But of college ATHLETES with mental health conditions, only 10% seek support. Online therapy makes accessing help easier than ever and our online approach can help alleviate many barriers that keep athletes from getting the help that they need. 

  • 61% of college athletes report daytime fatigue at least 3 or more days a week, according to the NCAA Sport and Science Institute.

Sleep matters for athletes. Poor sleep leads to poor athletic performance, decreased academic performance, risk of injury, along with significant mental health challenges.

Ready Set Mindful works with organizations who want to proactively provide an environment that supports the mental AND physical well-being of their athletes.

Our unique approach to mindfulness training helps athletes transform their relationship with stress and offers the tools needed to elevate their game and overall mental well-being.

Our mindset training includes a combination of techniques including meditation, breath work and visualization exercises. Our specific technique is designed to remove stress from the athletes brain and body at the cellular level to enable them to perform optimally.



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