Elite athletes and teams know that optimal outcomes result from consistent and effective preparation. Ready Set Mindful’s workshops are designed to enhance performance and accelerate athletic success. Athletes will gain the tools they need to consistently be prepared for competition, maintain focus, quickly adapt and re-wire their thoughts in the moment, and de-stress off the court as well.

All workshops are typically 60-90 minutes, and are customizable for athletes, coaches, trainers and other athletic support staff. Call (509) 775-6696 with questions.

Injured Athlete: Identity And Purpose

Being an injured athlete is isolating. Feeling disconnected from your sport and team can cause an athlete to feel extreme stress, anxiety as well as an identity shift.

This interactive workshop offers athletes unique stress management techniques to navigate the challenges that are faced through injuries, and offers strategies for optimal mindset through recovery.

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Stress Less: Hacks For Optimizing Performance

Athletes know that stress plays a major role in athletic performance. What doesn’t have to play a role in performance is the chronic and toxic stress that often lingers long after the game is over.

Learning how to harness stress is vital for emotional regulation, better sleep, and decreased anxiety. This workshop addresses current stressors athletes face, and offers a tangible, solution-based approach to decreasing daily stress and enhancing athletic peak performance.

This workshop includes highly experiential activities combined with unique visualization exercises which empower athletes to transform their relationship with stress on and off the field.

Mindful Coaching Culture

Great teams are led by coaches who know how to cultivate a growth mindset and produce positive results from their athletes.

This collaborative workshop offers coaches an Opportunity to expand their expertise to include mindfulness training as a tool in their Repertoire. Coaches will learn vital tools and hacks that will help them produce positive outcomes for their teams.

Life After Sports: Game Plan

Just the thought of retirement or transitioning out of sport is enough to produce severe stress and anxiety for an athlete.

By proactively addressing these stressors, athletes are less likely to succumb to feelings of anxiety and stress that naturally occur during a major life transition.

This workshop confronts the challenges that come with transitioning out of sports, and gives athletes tools they will need to have successful transitions in both life and sport.