Settle in... as Kerri Bicskei, Founder of Ready Set Mindful, shares her own personal journey as an athlete, of injuries, comebacks, life transitions and mental health and wellness.

Her meditation guides and her accomplished guests from the world of sports and wellness are her recurring features.

Ready Set Mindful is committed to helping athletes and high performers explore how specific tools and strategies can decrease stress and anxiety and improve mental health. 

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Episode 3: Therese Martinez RD on inflammation, the gut microbiome, intermittent fasting and nutrition

Therese Martinez, RD: Founder of The Restorative Dietician

Join us this episode as we chat with Registered Dietician Therese Martinez on how holistic wellness can optimize your athletic performance. Therese and Kerri discuss the gut microbiome, inflammation, optimal nutrition for athletes as well as intermittent fasting. Listen as we explore Therese's own wellness journey and find out what tips and hacks we have in store for you to help propel your athletic performance

Episode 4: Simon Homedes, Gonzaga mens tennis player on the importance of community, and student-athlete mental health

Simon Homedes, Gonzaga University Mens Tennis

Kerri and Simon sit down and discuss the many facets that impact our overall mental health and wellness, especially pertaining to athletes. Simon discusses the impact that community, and a balanced routine have on his own personal wellness routine, and he also discusses transitioning from student-athlete to a working professional. Stay tuned as Simon shares his journey with us.


Episode 5: Mike Nilson discusses the importance of mindfulness for athletes and the power of mindset during this time of uncertainty

Mike Nilson: Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Gonzaga University

Mike and Kerri dive deep into mindfulness and the importance of mindset for athletes during this uncertain point in time. Mike talks leadership tools, goals vs commitments and divulges his own wellness practices that helped transform his life.