What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is tangible mental training that gives us the strong mental edge needed to achieve peak performance. It is paying kind and conscious attention to the thoughts and feelings of your mind and body coming and going without judgment.


It is important to note that there are many different forms of meditation. Ready Set Mindful uses meditation and mental training to focus your attention and thoughts to achieve a calm and enhanced state of mind and body in order to optimize performance and overall well-being.



Not all meditation is created equal. Ready Set Mindful has a unique approach to meditation that is worth practicing. Our mental techniques are digestible even for those who have been previously turned off to other forms of mental training.


  • You have to clear your mind. False! Thoughts are not the enemy. Learning how to harness them so that they can work FOR you is the key. Ready Set Mindful teaches you how to do this.
  • Meditation makes you anxious. This is also normal. Ready Set mindful prepares you with techniques that allow you to feel calm and relaxed prior to jumping in to meditation.
  • You’re worried it’s “weird”. Is sitting and thinking weird? Many NFL teams, Olympic athletes and the US Navy SEALS are doing it, and it’s not too weird for them!
  • You have to lie down or be in an uncomfortable position. The goal here is to BE comfortable, whatever that may look like for you.
  • You can’t sit still. This is perfectly normal. Mindfulness and meditation is a practice. Fidgeting is part of the process!
  • It’s too hard to commit to a daily practice.  If you look at mental training and meditation as an investment in your day, just as brushing your teeth is an investment in your oral health, you will realize that mindfulness and meditation are ESSENTIAL and worth the investment of your time. Trust me, it’s much more challenging to be constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.
  • You don’t have time. Think of all the time you waste every day scrolling on Instagram or watching Netflix… If you want to spend the time optimizing your performance, you will find the time. With our online services, accessing mindfulness benefits has never been easier. 




How does mindfulness help athletes?

 2.) Mindfulness helps athletes decrease stress and anxiety that come naturally with performing at a high level. When athletes practice mindfulness they notice that they have an easier time getting and staying in the zone, respond better to stress, have improved focus, have more control of their emotions, decreased anxiety, and are able to let go of mistakes and bounce back quicker. Meditation literally rewires your brain to respond to stress better. The more athletes use daily meditation as a tool, the bigger gains they see in their performance.

Can meditation help athletes with sleep?

 3.) Meditation 💯 helps with sleep! Meditation for even 5 minutes before bed can help decrease stress and anxiety held in the body and allows you to release negative emotions that you’ve been holding onto from the day. Athletes who regularly meditate (even 10 min a day) report having improved quality and are able to fall asleep faster.

What is the best way an athlete can start meditation?

 4.) Great question! You can start with my 5 minute guided meditation. Find a quiet spot inside your house or outside and press play. It’s as easy as that! Try not to worry about “doing it right”…there is no such thing! If you’re sitting, laying, standing with your eyes closed focusing on your breath, you’re doing it EXACTLY RIGHT!

How meditation help athletes manage their anxiety? 

5.) Meditation absolutely helps decrease anxiety, helps reduce panic attacks and reduces symptoms of depression. When you meditate, your re focusing on slowing down your thoughts and your breath, which then better allows you to feel in control of your emotions. When you are able to slow down your thoughts, breath and response to stress, you are so much more capable of decreasing your anxiety and depression.

Can athletes do guided meditation? 

6.) Guided meditation is a meditation where someone is leading you through your meditation. All of my podcast meditations are guided. Guided meditations are GREAT for beginners! Just listen to the cues of your guide. Guided meditations are great for both newbies and seasoned meditators as it helps you stay on course.


Can athletes do yoga?

 7.) Yoga helps athletes in SO many ways. Yoga is a great form of mindfulness and allows athletes to focus on their breathing, as well as being okay with slowing down every once in awhile. ALL high performers need this reminder!!

Can athletes start mindfulness at any age?

 8.) The AMAZING thing about mindfulness (whether it’s yoga, breathwork or meditation) is that you can start when you’re a teen, in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 80’s! It’s such an easily accessible tool for athletes and high performers of all ages to implement to start seeing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional benefits!

Can mindfulness help athletes with injury and recovery?

 9.) Practicing mindfulness and meditation absolutely helps athletes with injury and recovery. Being injured sucks, but daily mindfulness (and therapy) can help you reframe your thoughts when they start to get negative. Mindfulness for injured athletes can also help reduce anxiety and help with sleep, which definitely helps you have a stronger recovery!

What kind of meditation routine is ideal for athletes?

 10.) As much as you literally want to, but start SMALL! I always like to encourage my athletes and high performers to start with 5 minutes before bed 3x week. Set an alarm to remind you for your nightly practice. This helps you let go of the stress from your day, release anxiety from anything that didn’t go great in your day and will allow you to sleep better. After you feel good about your 3x week 5 minute daily practice, you can work up to 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before bed 3x a week!

Where should athletes practice meditation?

 11.) Any quiet place you can find! I have athletes who listen to a guided meditation and meditate in the locker room with headphones on. If you are commuting (and someone else is driving) that’s a great time for a guided meditation. You can also meditate outside, inside, standing up or sitting down. Just make sure you’re not interrupted or in a rush 😉

What is the right posture for meditation for athletes?

 12.) As long as you are comfortable, you’re doing it exactly right ☺️

Can athletes do pre-game meditation?

 13.) I love for athletes to practice meditation in the morning, right before bed and before practices and games/races! Meditation helps calm your nervous system so getting in as much meditation as possible helps with mental and physical performance SO MUCH!

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  • Helps athletes stay focused and avoid distraction
  • Improves emotional regulation
  • Elevates connection between the brain and body
  • Boosts ability to manage physical discomfort
  • Reduces mind wandering, improving ability to stay in the “zone”
  • Expands resiliency
  • Alleviates performance anxiety
  • Enhances recovery strategies
  • Raises endurance
  • Reinforces concentration and ability to remain in a flow state
  • Strengthens confidence
  • Decreases negative thinking patterns