Overcoming Anxiety for Athletes & Overachievers

As athletes and overachievers, performing our best is KEY. Anxiety slows us down
and keeps us from being our best self.


You have the physical ability to get things done, but overthinking stops you from being IN THE FLOW


You constantly are thinking about ALL the what if's and have a hard time letting go of your mistakes. 


You beat yourself up for not performing up to your  Standards, which then crushes your confidence.

Do you ever wonder “How much better could I be if I didn’t have my anxiety?"

Let me show you how to get there!

Building mindful muscle is the magic you’ve been looking for, friend.

As an athlete and overachiever, I know the struggle that comes with having a super packed schedule, having SO many people depending on you, and being scared of disappointing them-oh then having the worst time turning your brain off before bed.

Being an athlete, and licensed therapist with a sports psychology background, I’ve learned some pretty amazing tools which have allowed me to ditch my own anxiety, have more mental freedom to focus on what I WANT to focus on and oh ya- CRUSH my performance goals.

I’ve gone from having panic attacks to feeling calm and in control under pressure, and I’m a better athlete and HUMAN because of it.

  • You CAN ditch the what if’s, and ALL the fear of making mistakes or not being good ENOUGH.
  • You CAN learn how to LET GO when you do inevitably make mistakes & be capable of MOVING ON
    WITHOUT Anxiety creeping around every corner.
  • You CAN be the athlete and person you’ve always wanted to be.


Mindful Muscle is a course designed
to take you from anxious and stuck to capable and
IN THE FLOW in just 5 days.

I'm ready, let's do this!

In Mindful Muscle: Overcoming Anxiety-for Athletes & Overachievers, I walk you through applicable TOOL to manage your anxiety. I give you REAL tools that you canuse right away to start feeling confident and performing your best.

Here are some things that we cover:

✔️ What your specific anxiety can look like
✔️ Negative self talk
✔️ Self talk exercises
✔️ Mindfulness exercises
✔️ Exercises for eliminating negative beliefs
✔️ Self awareness exercises
✔️ Anxiety triggers for athletes and overachievers
✔️ Easy breathwork techniques to use for anxiety
✔️ Mindful eating
✔️ How beliefs impact performance
✔️ Exercises for self care and boundaries to manage anxiety
✔️ Next steps in your journey

I know as athletes and high achievers, there is a TON of pressure to have it ALL together.

I feel you, I’ve been there.

Feeling like you’ve tried all the things on your own, but need that extra support to get you unstuck?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a licensed therapist + athlete could walk you through how to OVERCOME your anxiety and come out on the other side ready to perform your best?

I’ve got you!

You want to be a better version of yourself as an athlete and overall human. You want to be able to handle when things don’t go your way and still find a way to stay calm under pressure and BOUNCE BACK.

You’d much rather spend your time and attention being productive, feeling capable and dare I say relaxed throughout your day-BUT instead you are STUCK in a negative thought tornado that has you feeling OUT OF CONTROL. You know the pattern…one comment from your coach/mom/partner or mistake that you make sends you into a tailspin of feeling not good enough and snowballs into a LOSE/LOSE situation where you come out the other side feeling defeated, hopeless and stuck.


Thinking about all the steps you need to take to get you where you want to go can bring even MORE anxiety and have you feeling paralyzed and unable to take that leap to ditch your anxiety for good.


Everytime you think you’ve made progress, you make a mistake or have negative thoughts that lead to that familiar thought spiral that has you spinning and feeling stuck, yet again.

You feel like you’re throwing all the things at your anxiety and keep finding yourself at square one. You keep thinking “Maybe this is just as good as I can get.”

Well…it’s not.

Anxiety doesn’t have to control your life and mess with your day to day performance like it is now.

You CAN be an athlete or overachiever who feels calm under pressure, capable of letting go of mistakes and have confidence that you have the tools to get you there. Tools to give you that edge that you’re looking for (The good kind of edge).


Join me in Building Mindful Muscle: Overcoming Anxiety for Athletes & Overachievers

So that you can…

🌿 Stay in the flow

🌿Get your confidence back and CRUSH your GOALS

🌿Feel totally prepared and capable of handling even the most stressful situations with ease

🌿Actually be EXCITED for training, events and competitions-rather than anxious

🌿Be more SELF AWARE of your stressors and learn to manage them

🌿Create a mindfulness routine that works for YOU

🌿Ditch your negative beliefs that are weighing you down

🌿Improve your positive self talk + relationship to yourself

🌿 Be calm (in body + mind) and in control of your emotions under pressure

🌿Have resilience and the ability to handle things comments, people and situations that are HARD

🌿Be motivated to be the BEST version of yourself as an athlete + person

What if you don’t have to do this on your own? What if you had someone who has BEEN here before and gotten where YOU WANT TO BE?

You don’t have to do it all by yourself and trust me that does not mean that you are any less of a BADASS for wanting help. In fact, streamlining your success and getting help so that you can perform better is the ultimate life HACK for overachievers and athletes.

I created this course because the #1 issue that clients come to me for is: managing their stress and anxiety so that they can play/be/feel better. As an athlete, I have had a LONG history with my old familiar friend anxiety. I remember there were so many college volleyball games where I was terrified of making mistakes-so much so that I wouldn’t even be able to play how I practiced.I was a mess. I was embarrassed to make mistakes and let my team/coach down and then would beat myself up for not being a good enough player or person (mean I know! BUT that’s what our anxiety convinces us of sometimes).

I would go home at night and replay ALL of my mistakes, and invite more and more negative self-talk until I would eventually mentally exhaust myself into sleeping (very poorly I might add). Tightness and tension in my body was there more than it wasn’t and I was crippled by all the “What if’s…” and “ I should have…” thoughts.


I wish I had someone to offer me these tools as not only a way out, but a way UP.

So here I am. Here for you.


It's hard to know where to start sometimes


It’s all mental, train like it!

Get the course