Benefits of Breathwork for Anxiety

Oct 18, 2021
Athlete Blog

Your breath is such a powerful tool that you have within your control which dictates whether you feel calm and relaxed or anxious and stressed. What does your breath say about you? Do you have a history of having panic attacks, shortness of breath or tightness and tension in your chest? If so, chances are that you have unintentionally befriended anxiety.  In those moments of rumination where you feel like there is a thought tornado swirling in your mind, breathwork is the ultimate tool to help you manage your anxiety and stress. 

It is helpful to draw your attention to the area of your body that is feeling tight, tense and out of control and label where your anxiety is showing up for you. Once you label your body’s response to your anxiety, you take back some of the power that anxiety holds over you. After you build awareness where you feel anxiety in your body, focus on taking an inhale through your nose for 4 seconds and an exhale through your nose for 8 seconds.  This is called the 4/8 breath and it is an accessible tool that you can utilize in those micro-moments when you notice your anxiety is strengthening its grip on you. 

By keeping your breath in and out through your nose you are sending a calming signal to the fear center of your brain, your amygdala, and letting your body know that it is safe to soften and relax. Breathwork allows your body to feel safe and helps to release tension and stress that come with ruminating thoughts. Breathwork ultimately allows for the thoughts to slow down and decrease in intensity, negativity and frequency. If you enjoy doing breathwork and it has helped you in some way, I want to hear about it! Follow me on instagram and Youtube for free guided meditation and breathwork sessions.